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Expert Forensic Psychological & Behavioral Evaluation in Child & Family Legal Cases

Dr. Voulgarakis specializes in forensic psychological and functional behavior assessments for children in welfare and custody disputes, offering expert witness consulting and testimony.

Welcome to HMVPSYCH, led by Dr. Voulgarakis, specializing in forensic psychological evaluations and functional behavior assessments for children experiencing challenging behaviors during welfare situations and custody disputes. With a wealth of experience, Dr. Voulgarakis has consulted on cases across the US in New York, California, Washington, Connecticut, and beyond.

Comprehensive Services for Diverse Child & Family Legal Cases

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Dr. Voulgarakis offers a spectrum of specialized services including:

Dr. Voulgarakis’ Expertise Across States

Dr. Voulgarakis brings his specialized skills and knowledge to cases in New York & California

HMVPSYCH offers expert forensic consulting and behavior assessments to inform legal proceedings and support children and families. Extending our services to provide comprehensive evaluations and interventions for diverse child and family legal issues.

Why Choose Dr. Voulgarakis for Legal Evaluation & Consulting?

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Navigate Legal Complexities with Expert Forensic & Behavioral Insights

Enlist the expertise of HMVPSYCH for comprehensive forensic psychological evaluations and functional behavior assessments in child and family legal cases. Schedule a consultation today!

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