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We provide consultative support to schools, families, programs, and research initiatives.

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We offer NY & CA In-Person and Telehealth Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Behavioral assessments.

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We are a boutique psychology and consulting practice that develops individualized plans for assessment and intervention.

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HMV PSYCHOLOGY & CONSULTING, P.C., is currently providing services in-person by appointment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and in San Francisco. Telehealth is offered for individuals located anywhere in the state of New York or California. 

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Are you seeking expert psychological evaluations from the comfort of your home? We specialize in telehealth psychological assessments for adults and adolescents, catering to a range of needs including autism, ADHD, anxiety, personality assessments, learning challenges, and more.

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Psychological assessment, health psychology, behavior problems, child and family issues are things we can help with!

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Autism | ADHD
Bariatric Clinical
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Anxiety | Depression
Health Issues
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ASSESSMENT & Treatment Options

Our Psychology Services

Psychological Assessment

Remote and in-person specialized assessments of personality and global functioning. 

Telehealth CBT, ACT, EMDR

Evidenced-based treatments through secure tele-health software.

child welfare and custody evaluation

Child Psychotherapy

We specialize in integrative approaches to working with children and families.

Psychoeducational Evaluation

Expert assessment of cognition, memory and learning, academic skills, and behavior. 

Neuropsychological Evaluation

An individualized approach to testing and assessment with rapid documentation.

Forensic & Family Law Consult

We provide assessment and consultation for legal matters involving mental health and neurodevelopental challenges. 

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Navigating Life's Challenges with Dr. Harry Voulgarakis

Expertise in Behavioral and Developmental Neuropsychology

Harry Voulgarakis, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and Behavior Analyst with a specialization in behavioral and developmental neuropsychology, health psychology, and behavior analysis/behavioral medicine. With a wealth of experience spanning a wide range of age groups, he offers unparalleled insights into the evaluation of individuals facing complex challenges.

Years Experience

Dr. Voulgarakis has experience in various settings and with clients of many ages and ability levels.

Professional Training

Having trained in hospitals, community clinics, university research centers, and more, we have experience and training to help many kinds of people.

Specialized Services

We take a personalized approach to assessment and treatment to provide individualized recommendations for success.


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