Learning Disability Testing

Learning Disability Testing at HMVPSYCH: Expertise in School Neuropsychology Matters

Unlock a deeper understanding of learning disabilities with our detailed Learning Disability Testing for both children and adults, available in New York City, San Francisco, and via Telehealth.

Understanding the intricacies of how we learn is paramount, especially when faced with challenges that might stem from learning disabilities. At HMVPSYCH, led by Dr. Harry Voulgarakis, a recognized specialist in school neuropsychology, we dive deep into the learning profiles of both adults and children, ensuring that every individual’s academic journey aligns with their unique strengths and challenges.

Why Learning Disabilities Require Expert Attention

Learning disabilities are neurologically-based processing challenges that can interfere with foundational skills such as reading, writing, or math. Often hidden behind the veil of average or above-average intelligence, these disabilities can lead to a lifetime of academic struggles and lowered self-esteem if not properly identified and addressed.

Why Working With an Expert in School Neuropsychology is Essential

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Our Comprehensive Learning Disability Testing Includes:

New York City's Premier Destination for Understanding Learning Disabilities:

At HMVPSYCH, it’s not just about diagnosing learning disabilities; it’s about unlocking the potential of every child. 

Under the guidance of Dr. Harry Voulgarakis, an expert in school neuropsychology, we’re here to shed light on the academic challenges.

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